Student - Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College

As a first generation college student, I face multiple challenges. The biggest challenge I face is the one within myself: imposter syndrome. Now with the whole globe in a state of uncertainty, I also feel uncertain. I ask myself if I will be successful in a health profession? Yes, I will be. For I have seen despair; I have seen hurt; and I will make a difference. I ask myself if I can succeed in online classes? Yes, I can. For I have gained resilience; I have built self-discipline; and I have a dream. I ask myself if I am mentally able to maintain my honors position? Yes, I am. For I have love; I have the structure of faith; and I have a mentor. I did not want my semester to end like this; but I choose to see the roses in the rubbish. I see the opportunity to reflect on my goals; I see a chance to improve my study habits; and I see a stronger tomorrow. I have a dream, a big dream, an attainable dream.