Student - Rice University

Due to COVID-19, my school has asked us all to move out and return home. I was already home on spring break, which meant I needed to buy tickets to return back to school to get my stuff and fly back home. My parents own a church and are currently financing the new building we were finally able to move into, so the majority of the money that they make is going into trying to pay for the building. I had to purchase my ticket myself so as not to burden them any further, but once I returned home, money has gotten tighter. Both my sister and I have returned from college, meaning that there are now two more mouths to feed in our house for the next few months. My parents’ income has gone down because they are no longer able to host church services, so they are no longer being paid for tasks that they are normally paid for. The decrease of income coming into our house combined with the increase of people is taking a toll on our family. Rise First is giving me the opportunity to be able to contribute to our family during these hard times, and I can only pray that I can be selected for this program.