Andrew Lowrance

Content Developer


Andrew is currently a sophomore studying Mathematics with a minor in Statistics at the University of Pennsylvania. As a Gates Millenium Scholar and Hispanic Scholarship Fund Leadership Scholar, he serves as a News and Careers Journalist for the Journal of Young Investigators, a Writing Committee member for the PennScience Journal for Undergraduate Research, and an Undergraduate Fellow with the Collegium Institute. Alongside Dr. Paulo Arratia at the Penn Complex Fluids Laboratory, Andrew aided in the research of the rheology of active fluids to broaden the understanding of low-Reynolds number, high-viscosity fluids in the physics community. Additionally, Andrew worked alongside Dr. Jorge Lopez from the University of Texas at El Paso to conduct research on the topological characteristics of neutron stars using a machine learning algorithm.

For Andrew, Rise First offers an opportunity to provide insight and understanding to a community that has shaped his perspective since he was young. Growing up in El Paso, the unique culture has allowed for his rethinking of the sociopolitical atmosphere of America, as well as his drive for the provision of external resources to those of various backgrounds. As a member of Rise First, Andrew finds his work to be indicative of a pursuit for a future beyond barriers, both in knowledge and success. Andrew currently serves as a Content Developer for Rise First.