Jesse Cui

Chief Technology Officer


Jesse studied computer science and economics from his undergraduate studies. During college, he pursued research in areas of urban analytics and language analysis using statistics and machine learning models. During his spare time, he has also built applications that have the goal of improving the mental health and economic opportunities of users. During his senior year, he started a student organization that provides networking, academic, and professional resources to first-generation, low-income students passionate about engineering and technology.

Jesse joined Rise First to empower FGLI students with academic and career success, especially in career fields with high barriers to entry such as technology and engineering. He understands the challenges of FGLI students studying technology and engineering-related fields and wants to promote equality of resource opportunity in these fields through online communities and platforms like Rise First. Ever since joining Rise First as a web-development intern, Jesse worked on increasing the technological capabilities of the organization, from implementing new website features to increasing SEO and accessibility. Now, as Chief Technology Officer, he focuses on planning and executing long-term strategies promoting technological growth and sustainability for Rise First.