Ramune Bartuskaite

Chief Creative Director


Ramune is a Project Coordinator at JKRP Architects in Philadelphia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture with a minor in Marketing from Miami University, and a Masters of Architecture with a focus in Urban Redevelopment from the University of Pennsylvania.  At UPenn, she co-founded PennDesign Women in Architecture and was a recipient of the Alpha Rho Chi Medal for leadership, willing service, and promise of professional merit. As a Lithuanian immigrant and a first-generation graduate, Ramune is fascinated by the urban environment which is home to people of various backgrounds, socio-economic statuses, and agendas. She is actively involved in the Philadelphia Urban Land Institute (ULI) and Philadelphia’s Green Building United and hopes to be an advocate for more equitable, diverse and inclusive development within our cities.

Rise First has been a creative outlet for Ramune. As Chief Creative Director, Ramune leads graphic design, web design and web development by leveraging her design education and creative thinking skills. At Rise First, Ramune not only has an opportunity to connect with fellow first-generation students and professionals who have had similar experiences and challenges, but she has also found a way to give back to the first generation community. Her experience has re-affirmed her belief that a group of passionate and determined individuals can make immeasurable impacts, if given a platform to support. Rise First has been just that.