Kobe Massey - Alaska Christian College

As a first-generation student in my family I was deeply saddened as the semester drew to a close earlier than expected because of COVID-19. I had grown attached to many of my fellow students on campus and for me to say bye so quickly was a hard thing to do. I was loving campus life because I was able to get off the reservation and be at a place where you’re surrounded by people who struggle with the same thing as you do back home but they’re there for you and want to see you succeed! When the news was brought to students I couldn’t help but cry. I did not want to go home or leave the friends I’ve gotten to know over the past two semesters. It was expected to leave but not so soon. What made it worst is that the day we were being rushed home was the day of my birthday. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue my hard work online and keep my connections with friends who are home.

I’m grateful for the family who’s allowed me to move in with them instead of going home. So far, it’s been hard on me emotionally but in the end I hope it all works out!

Kobe Massey

A young Native American student who has a deep passion for photography and art. They live in Arizona but traveled to Alaska for college and has grown to love the place.