Student - Anonymous

The events in the past couple of weeks really shook me and my family to the core. Being the first in my family to attend college, I worked two jobs in order to send money back home and as a result of the outbreak, my first job asked me to remain at my college dorm while I fear that I may be asked to do the same for my second job. With many students returning to their homes to be with their family, I struggled to come up with the necessary finances to pay for a plane ticket. Money is hard to come by as a result of the quarantine situation and I fear that worse will come.

My mother is a nail technician and prior to the quarantine rules faced significant racism as a result of her being Asian. Few people go to the nail salon anymore and if they did, my mom stated that they would ask for an employee who is non-Asian to treat them. My father is a construction worker and was laid off because of the virus outbreak. We fear that money will be cut short and as a result, this has caused significant stress onto our lives. In addition, because my university is holding classes online, I struggle to have access to Internet and this is just adding even more stress.

Hopefully this will be cleared up soon because I won’t know what to do if this spans more than a few months.