Academic Advancement Program

The Academic Advancement Program (AAP), a multiracial program, represents the best of what United States society aspires to: access, equity, opportunity, and excellence. AAP has a three key goals: to create and administer innovative academic programs for first generation, low-income and students who have been historically underrepresented in higher education; to provide academic support for a diverse population of undergraduate students in their pursuit of academic excellence; to promote UCLA access and academic success for high school and community college students across the State’s increasingly diverse populations.

AAP programs and services are proactive rather than reactive, comprehensive rather than fragmented, and oriented toward furthering the long-term academic and personal growth of AAP students – rather than merely solving or mitigating immediate problems. Moreover, AAP encourages and promotes academic achievement and excellence by providing students with:

  • peer learning (tutoring)

  • academic programs

  • academic, personal, and career counseling

  • graduate and professional school mentoring

  • scholarships

  • research opportunities and stipends

  • opportunities to participate in innovative science programs

  • and a computer lab

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