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Leana Wen


Dr. Leana Wen is an American physician who is the former president of Planned Parenthood, making it almost half a century since a doctor has held this role at the organization. At age 18, Dr. Wen graduated summa cum laude from Cal State University, Los Angeles and went on to get her medical degree from Washington University School of Medicine. She then became a Rhodes Scholar and attended the University of Oxford for her master’s degree. Following that, she was a clinical fellow at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Wen has held multiple positions, such as the president of the American Medical Student Association and a volunteer at Planned Parenthood, and was named as one of the Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare. Aside from her current work in Planned Parenthood, she is also Baltimore’s Commissioner of Health.

Dr. Wen was born in Shanghai China. At age seven, her family fled from China in order to escape the Tiananmen Massacre. They arrived in the United States with only $40. She grew up in Compton, California and later moved to Baltimore where she has worked to expand health care and reproductive rights.